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The new in-venue ordering app for bars, clubs, cafes, restaurants and events.
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Ontapp is the ultimate app for in-venue ordering to a table or collection point for any business in the hospitality sector. We can enable "order and pay" by app for cafés, restuarants, bars, nightclubs, festivals, drive-in cinemas. Any venue, anywhere.

What is Ontapp?

Ontapp is the ultimate in-venue ordering experience designed to enable businesses to serve their customers seamlessly and contactlessly. Ordering to a table has never been so easy.

Setup is plainless and we can have you offering "order and pay" and "click and collect" services in a few minutes. Our app allows people to discover new places and make a purchase by Apple Pay / Google Pay or their normal credit card in as few as 5 taps or even just 3 if they have ordered from us before.

Our Ontapp vision is to expand our cross venue solution so that customers can download a single application and make orders to tables or collection points quickly and easily, anywhere.

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Ontapp & Covid-19

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Contactless Service

Become Covid Secure by setting up your venue to do contactless ordering to table with Ontapp. Help safeguard your staff and customers alike with in-venue app ordering that makes the experience seamless.

At Ontapp we offer order and pay services to table or a collection point. If you have multiple collection points, you can avoid queues building up with our smart routing algorithm that will always direct orders to point with the least number of incoming orders or biggest capacity.

Put your customers first

Restaurant image

Ontapp is the perfect addition for any restaurant looking to enable customers to order food and drinks straight to their table.

Display all your menus for your customers to explore even when you're not serving. Get new customers as people discover your restaurant on the app and start checking out your menu.

Orders for bar and kitchen can be split for the chefs to only view their orders or print them using traditional ticket/reciept printers.

Barman serving beers in a bar
Bars & Clubs

Whether you're looking to do contactless delivery to tables or to a fixed collection point like a bar or counter, Ontapp is the perfect in-venue ordering solution for your customers.

Make less repeat journeys to tables with our group ordering feature. Orders from the same table from different customers are automatically grouped saving you time and reducing your step count!

Lady in coffee shop enjoying a coffee

You don't need to be a major chain to offer app based ordering. Ontapp is simple, affordable and one of the best app ordering experiences around.

Start serving coffee for collection or enable customers to order their food and drinks straight to their table using our easy to use app.

How it works

Customer App
Ontapp customer views venues and events screens
Choose Venue or Event

Customer chooses the cafe, event, pub or club of their choice by location.

Ontapp drinks menu displayed on an iphone 11
View the menu

They are then able to browse or search from the menu.

Payment screen for iphone_11_ontapp_angle_left_small
Make Payment

Having selected their food or drinks the customer can make payment on credit/debit card. Or they can use: Apple Pay / G Pay

Order Sent screen for Ontapp
Place Order

Having made payment the order is sent to the Business App to be fulfilled.

How it works

Business App
Ontapp Service side app incoming orders screen
Incoming Orders

Staff able to see overview of all orders. Orders from the same table are automatically grouped.

Waiting orders screen Ontapp service
See who's waiting

Team member goes to waiting list and picks an order waiting to be served

Ontapp view individual order screen
Pick the order to make

The order is prepared and on completion marked as served

Ontapp screen for notification sent to customer
Notification sent

Notification is sent to customer to come and collect or inform them that it’s on it’s way to the table.

Why should you download it?

Icon for Speed
Serve Faster

Speed up service as you free up staff from taking orders and payments.

Automatically group orders from the same table made by different customers.

Icon for communication Problems
Illiminate Communication Problems

Improve order accuracy and service times further still by reducing waste from incorrectly taken orders.

Icon increasing sales
Increase sales

Studies have shown that customers spend more when using an app to order food and drinks over placing an order with staff.

Icon for Customer loyalty
Reward Loyalty

Ontapp will be offering in-built loyalty cards and interactive games that make transactions more fun to foster brand loyalty. And our bill split feature will enable you to share the cost with friends.

Join the new normal.
Sign up your venue or event & start serving your customers Ontapp.

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