Add a discount code in Ontapp Business

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Add a discount code in Ontapp Business

Ontapp allows you to specify discount codes for your business for people to be able to deduct an amount or a percentage from an order. You can set limits for minimum amounts and maximum usage. You can even restrict codes to be used by a specific mobile number only.

How to add a discount code

  1. Login to the ontapp business panel and go to venues
  2. Select the "manage discounts" icon
  3. Select "Add Discount"

You now have lots of fields to choose from. Complete each of the fields. Here is an explanation for each one:

  • Code : This is the code the customer will enter to get their discount. We recommend doing it ALL IN UPPERCASE with no spaces. For example: ONTAPPDISCOUNT50
  • Discount Type: The type can be either a whole amount or a percentage of the total.
  • Discount amount: This is how much you want to discount. If you have chosen "percentage" then enter a value between 0 - 100 and it will discount the total order value by this percentage. If you have chosen "amount" for your discount type then enter the value you would like the order discounted by. For example, enter "5" for a "£5" discount.
  • Validity: This refers to the date range you wish the code to remain active.
  • Maximum number of use - This is the total number of times a single code can be used.
  • Number of usages per customer - This is the total number of times a single customer can use the code. For example if you set it to 1, then a customer's account could only use it once.
  • Minimum order amount - This is the minimum amount a customer must spend in order for the discount to be applied.
  • Limit to Mobile Number (optional) - We allow setting a limit to a specific phone number. Setting this restriction means someone using the discount code can only do so from a device with that mobile number.

With all the fields that you need completed, just hit "save" for your code to become active.