How to add items to your menu

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Adding items to your menu

Navigate to the Ontapp business panel. On the venue you wish to add items to, select "manage items" in the actions panel. From here, you have all the options for your item.

Add item information

  • Add the item name and description
  • Choose the category. If a category doesn't exist, you will need to come out of that menu and go to the manage categories section to create one. Please see our article on "Manage Categories and Super Categories"
  • The venue will be selected by default.
  • You can select which service points within your venue you want the item to be available from
  • You can then add any "tags" you like. These are helpful for staff and customers searching for items in your menu.
  • Choose and image. This can be from our pre-populated range of item images or you can upload your own.

Add attributes

All attributes are optional. Adding information here will display them in your menu. If you do nothing, they will not show.

Add Variations

  • All products need at least one variation. The variation name is what is displayed in your reports and to staff and customers.
  • A good example name could be "Can" for a can of coke. In this example, you would then choose the size as 1 and "Unit Sold in" as "per item".
  • Another example could be "25ml" in which case you would enter "25" as the size and "Millilitres" as the unit.
  • A sku is a unique identifier. We automatically generate one for you, but you can change this if you require.
  • Set a default price for your item. The default price will be used whenever there isn't an alternative tariff price available. Ontapp will look for a tariff price first e.g. "Happy Hour", if this doesn't exist, then the default price will apply.
  • If you are using tariff pricing you will need to add a tariff price too. Leaving it blank will apply default pricing only.
  • Add as many variations as required.

Add Modifiers

Modifiers are things like mixers or additions to an item - e.g. "extra cheese"

  • Press the + icon to add a modifier to the item.
  • If you have not already created a modifier you will need to do this first before you can select it. Please see out article on "How to add a modifier" for more information

Once you have added all the above information, hit "Save" and your item will appear in the menu under the categories you assigned.