How to add tariffs to your menu

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Setting up your tariffs

Navigate to the Ontapp business panel. On the venue you wish to add a tariff to, select "manage tariffs" in the actions panel.

  • Select Add Tariff
  • Choose a name and the whole period you wish this to run.
  • If repeating weekly select "Repeats" and "weekly"
  • Choose which service points this is available from.

If doing a weekly tariff

  • Next choose the interval
  • Select the start day and end day with the times.
  • If this happens more than once, select the other days and times it applies.

Example: Happy Hour | Daily on weekdays 17:00 til 18:00

  • This would be a case of choosing "Start Day" of "Monday" then "17:00". It would finish on Monday at "18:00".
  • Then press the + icon and repeat this choosing "Tuesday" and "17:00" for your start and likewise "Tuesday" at "18:00" for your end.
  • Repeat this process for the remaining days.

Ontapp's pricing system will look for the tariff price first when displaying a price to staff or customers. If no tariff is applicable, the price charged will be the default.