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The most advanced in-venue ordering app for bars, clubs, cafes, restaurants and events.

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What is Ontapp?

Ontapp is the ultimate in-venue ordering experience designed to enable businesses to serve their customers seamlessly and contactlessly. Ordering to a table has never been so easy.

Setup is painless and we can have you offering "order and pay" and "click and collect" services in a few minutes. Our app allows people to discover new places and make a purchase by Apple Pay / Google Pay or their normal credit card in as few as 5 taps or even just 3 if they have ordered from us before.

Our Ontapp vision is to expand our cross venue solution so that customers can download a single application and make orders to tables or collection points quickly and easily, anywhere.

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Send “last orders” notifications

Get extra sales by calling “Last Orders”. Ontapp enables you to send customised notifications to your customers.

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Print to kitchen

Send food orders straight to your receipt printer in the kitchen.

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Promotional Codes

Our advanced promo codes feature enables you to offer discounts and memberships.

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See where you are in the queue

No more orders being sent into the abyss. Ontapp shows customers their order progress throughout.

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Multiple Currencies

Ontapp works for every major currency.

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Individual Logins for Staff

Staff have their own logins so you can track how they are serving your customers.

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Serve from Multiple service points

Ontapp specialise in running service from multiple bars or service points. Great for mobile runners in stadiums or gig venues.

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Customer Time-Out

Someone had a bit too much? Give them a time-out in the app and they won’t be able to order for the next 2 hours.

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Barcode Verification

Not sure if you got the right customer when handing over an order? Scan their barcode to confirm.

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Wake-up staff

Had a quiet shift? Ontapp will notify you if there has been a new order, then keeps quiet if there is a steady stream.

Order Grouping

Save your step count!

Ordering to table by app?

Save yourself time and effort with Ontapp's order grouping feature. With Ontapp, customers who are sat together, automatically have their orders grouped together even if they ordered separately.

This means serving staff can bring out all the items together and save themselves multiple trips.

Call Last Orders

Last Orders Notification Screenshot

Send last orders notifications

No more ringing bells or awkward conversations.

Ontapp let’s you send any customer in your venue a “last orders” notification, or let them know about any last minute flash sales.

This means your customers are always in the loop and your staff are stress-free.

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Any Order.



Ontapp is the ultimate app for in-venue ordering to a table or collection point for any business in the hospitality sector. We can enable "order and pay" by app for cafés, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, festivals, drive-in cinemas. Any venue, anywhere.

Why should you download it?

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Serve Faster

Speed up service as you free up staff from taking orders and payments.

Automatically group orders from the same table made by different customers.

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Eliminate Communication Problems

Improve order accuracy and service times further still by reducing waste from incorrectly taken orders.

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Increase sales

Studies have shown that customers spend more when using an app to order food and drinks over placing an order with staff.

Icon for Customer loyalty
Reward Loyalty

Ontapp will be offering in-built loyalty cards and interactive games that make transactions more fun to foster brand loyalty. And our bill split feature will enable you to share the cost with friends.

Serve Faster. Serve Better.
Sign up your venue or event & start serving your customers Ontapp.

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