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Ontapp Card Terminals

Take card payments on the go.

Ontapp's card payment terminals are some of the best card machines for small businesses in the UK and are the perfect point of sale system for any hospitality or retail business looking to take payments. Our card machine terminals are great for businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to established enterprises. Whether you're looking to buy a card machine, rent or lease one, we have the ideal card payment solution for you.

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Card Machines

Prices from £7.50 per month

Pax A77

Ontapp's Pax terminals make taking payment quick and easy. The compact devices mean you can now put a powerful till in the hands of every staff member, meaning you reduce your queues at busy periods.

  • Long 10hr battery life
  • Wifi or Sim Internet Connection
  • NFC Contactless
  • EMV Chip & PIN
  • Magnetic Stripe
  • Scan QR code orders

At 240g the Pax A77 terminal is convenientally portable. Staff are able to hang devices from their necks on a retractable cord or slip into their apron pockets.

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Pax A920 Pro

Need printing capability? Choose the Pax A920 and print receipts on the fly.

  • Long 10hr battery life
  • Wifi or Sim Internet Connection
  • NFC Contactless
  • EMV Chip & PIN
  • Magnetic Stripe
  • Scan QR code orders

All the same great features and capabilites of the A77 with added printing options.

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Prices from £7.50 per month

Ontapp Omni-Channel service

Omni-Channel Payments.

App Ordering & Walk Up Payments

Process orders via Ontapp's in-venue ordering app or take payments as customers come to you all from one device. Enable customers to choose how they want to order and start increasing your sales whilst lower ordering times.


Next Day Payouts.

Our payment gateway can payout in as little as 24hrs as standard with no extra charge.

Pax A77 Payment
Get next day payouts with Ontapp

Take Orders faster

Put a till in every staff member's hands.

Move away from fixed point terminals and free your team up to take payments wherever they are along the bar or in the venue.

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Ontapp is the ultimate app and EPOS for any business in the hospitality sector who wants to serve their customers faster and more effeciently. Our 360° solution lets customers choose how they want to pay whilst leaving you in complete control of how you get paid.

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